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DTB Agent Banking


Features of DTB agency Banking service

  • Real Time transaction processing

  • Physical receipt generation for every transaction done at the agent location

  • The service supports card and card-less transactions (except for cardless withdrawal)

Why use DTB agency banking service?

  • It creates convenience to customers as they do not have to visit a branch

  • It saves time

  • It provides real time transactions

  • It is secure since all transactions are PIN based

  • It provides a faster service i.e. No queues.

  • It is an affordable service


Who can use the service?

  • DTB customers

  • Pamoja card holders

  • Huduma card holders

  • Non-DTB customers through account opening.

Services offered at DTB Agent outlets

  • Cash deposit

  • Card load (Huduma card)

  • Cash withdrawal by card

  • Balance enquiry

  • Generation and issuance of Mini-statement

  • Account opening

  • Western Union, MG & XM services

DTB Tariff guide-Link (NB: All Charges are exclusive of Excise Duty)

How do I transact using my debit card at an Agent outlet on POS?

Deposit of cash on POS machine;

  • Present your debit card and the amount to deposit to the account

  • The agent will swipe your card on the POS terminal.

  • The agent will enter the amount to be deposited on the POS machine

  • A successful transaction will produce an approved receipt

  • The agent will request you to sign the register and return the debit card, ID and the receipt to you.


Cash deposit without card on POS machine. (3rd party deposit)


  • Present your account details, and amount to deposit to the agent.

  • The agent will enter your account number and amount to be deposited, on the POS machine

  • A successful transaction will produce an approved receipt

  • The agent will request you to sign the register and return the debit card, ID and the receipt to you.


Cash Withdrawal on POS;

  • Present your debit card & your original ID. Give details of the amount you would wish to withdraw from your account

  • The agent will swipe your card on the POS terminal.

  • The agent will enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

  • A successful transaction will produce an approved receipt

  • The agent will request you to sign the receipt generated and the register, then return the debit card, ID and the customer receipt copy to you.

Features of the DTB Agency banking account;-Link

  • Opening balance 100/=

  • No minimum balance

  • No ledger fees or account maintenance fee

  • No monthly charges

  • Visa Debit Card/ATM application fee 220/=

  • No cheque book facility

  • Customer charged only on transactions

  • Can access the account from DTB branches at 33/=, DTB ATMs at 33/=, Paying for goods through POS terminals in all POS outlets at no fee

  • Can access the account at all agent outlets as per the agent tariff guide

  • Account linked to the phone number(mobile banking)


How to carry out a transaction at an agent location- clip


Where are DTB agents located? -Link


How do I confirm a legitimate DTB Agent?

  • The outlet should be branded with the official DTB Agent colours (Click to see sample)

  • The outlet should have an Agency accreditation certificate from DTB

  • The outlet should have a 6 digit code clearly displayed at the outlet.


Do you want to become a DTB agent?

Who can become a DTB agent?

The following entities are eligible for appointment as agents;

  1. Limited liability companies.

  2. Sole proprietorships.

  3. Partnerships.

  4. Societies.

  5. Cooperative societies.

  6. State corporations.

  7. Trusts.

  8. Public entities.

  9. Any other entity which the Central Bank may prescribe

How to become a DTB agent

Any person (as described above) can apply for DTB agent banking services. You do not have to be a DTB account holder.

Visit your nearest DTB branch, fill in the application forms and submit with the following documents;-Link

Agency application forms;-Link

  • Form 3 and 4

  • Form 2b

  • Authority to obtain CRB template

Other requirements;

  • Float placement- Determined by customer Limit which is arrived at during appraisal

  • A strategic business location- accessibility ,visibility, security

  • A good reputation and high moral standing

  • An excellent reach and catchment

NB: All transactions are real time.

NB: In case of system failures DO NOT TRANSACT.

NB: Please ensure that you keep your PIN a secret at all times! Your PIN is not to be shared with the agent or anyone else.


For any agency banking queries, email us on or call 0719 031 888/ 0732 121 888/ 0704 121 888/020 2849888