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The DTB VISA Credit Card opens up a world of opportunities for you. Accepted at over 29 million merchants worldwide, VISA Credit Card makes shopping fun and paying simple. Add simplicity and excitement to your life. Get your very own VISA Credit Card.


DTB VISA Credit Card is the key to a whole new world of spending:

Enjoy immediate spending power

At the presentation of your card, you can use your card to finance an entire spectrum of spending, such as:

Instant ATM cash, wherever, whenever With your new DTB VISA Credit Card you can have access to the money in your account wherever you are, whenever you need it, and wherever you see the VISA Electron symbol on any ATM machine.

Up to 50 days FREE credit

No transaction fees Buy now. and pay twenty days after your statement date, which gives you upto fifty days of FREE credit. What's more, you won't be charged transaction fees on your credit card purchases.

Pay when YOU want to

If your finances are stretched, why not pay the minimum amount due on your statement (15%), and pay the balance at the end of the month? Or spread your repayments over a series of easy installments?

Easy access to cash when you're travelling

You can withdraw cash at over one million ATMS worldwide - just look for the VISA Electron symbol. Your new card is also a form of international currency - use it to obtain local currency in 200 countries worldwide.

Easy on-line spending

Shopping on-line is easy and convenient. It also offers greater selection and, in some cases, better prices.

Automatic payment

No penalty charges At DTB, you can arrange for direct payments to be made, from your bank account, to clear the amount outstanding on your VISA credit account each month. This way, you ensure that you never have to pay penalty charges for late payment.

An accountant at your fingertips

A DTB VISA Credit Card is a unique financial management tool, which keeps a record of what, when, and where you spend. So, you can not only accurately track your home, vehicle, and entertainment spending, but also your business-related expenses for taxation and reimbursement purposes.

Proof of purchase, whatever you buy

Your credit card purchase receipt acts as an irrefutable proof of purchase in the case of disputes or the return of goods.

Shared spending power

By giving a supplementary card to your nearest and dearest, you can also share your spending power, and any purchases made by them will automatically appear on your statement.

24-hour accessibility

You can access your credit 24-hours a day.

Great for business

Your DTB VISA Credit Card ensures that your business runs smoothly by providing detailed management information, minimizing paperwork, cutting costs and giving you greater spending control.


With a credit card, you have instant credibility: all over the world. No more over-spending. We have introduced three innovative features.

  • FREE SMS balance enquiries

    SMS DTB for your balance, anytime anywhere

  • FREE SMS payment reminders

    DTB will SMS you two days prior to the deadline for your payment – so you can’t forget.

  • FREE Email statements

    DTB will SMS you mini statements, in addition to the hard copies which will be mailed to you in the normal manner.

No more uninformed spending It is not in our or our customers’ interest to lend our clients more money than they can afford to repay, which is why we always carry out professional credit searches before extending any line of credit. We also believe in providing our clients with the information that they need to ensure responsible spending.